Aachen Mentoring Model – AMM

Mastering the challenges of studying

The Aachen Mentoring Model – AMM is a service unit of RWTH Aachen University. We enable students to be accompanied and advised throughout their studies. Our goal is to work with students to identify challenges in their studies as well as their personal potential at an early stage and to address them in a solution-oriented manner. The mentoring system is offered at almost all faculties and subject groups.



Dr. phil. Josefine Mendez Parente

Project Coordination


+49 241 80 92683



About our mentors

The respective mentors are selected by your faculty and are employees of the university. In order to be best prepared for working with students, our mentors receive special training, for example on the topics of conflict management, subject fit, and intercultural competence. They are thus experienced all-rounders and, in most cases, have a subject-related connection to the degree programs they advise. But first and foremost, our mentors are one thing: trustworthy. They are highly motivated to help you and to get the most out of your studies.


Appointment Allocation

You can select your preferred mentor via our mentoring interview appointment planner and then make an appointment. During the free and confidential conversation, you will be advised on your individual study situation.

To the appointment allocation tool

If you cannot find your mentor in the appointment tool, you can also contact them by e-mail or telephone. Smaller concerns can, of course, also be communicated via those channels.

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Computer Science
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Raw Materials and Waste Management
Electrical Engineering
Medicine, Dentistry, Speech Therapy
English Studies

Didn't find a mentor?

Unfortunately, mentoring is currently not available in every faculty. If you are affected by this, please contact the relevant faculty advisor or other trusted advisors at RWTH Aachen University under Advising and Help.

Emergency Plan

Emergency? In urgent cases, when no one is available, please refer to the Emergency plan for psychological counseling.

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What mentees say:

"Through mentoring, I found my way to a scholarship and can now finance my studies for an internship semester without worrying about keeping my schedule. The confidential conversation showed me great ways to finish my studies without stress!"

"In the first semesters of my studies, I had a lot of trouble starting to study on time for all my exams, so I often had to unregister from exams shortly before the exam. Since I've been creating detailed study plans together with my mentor at the beginning of the exam periods, I've been able to get through the exams much more relaxed and better prepared."


General FAQ

What happens to your data?

During the mentoring interview, data may be collected, naturally only with your consent, to help us identify students' most important counseling concerns and forward them to the university. This data complies with the DSGVO and is completely anonymous. No personal data of any kind is collected. Protecting your data is our highest priority. If you wish, you can still have your data deleted at any time after the mentoring meeting. The mentoring is always 100% confidential for you!

Is the Aachen Mentoring Model the right thing for me?

Whether it's getting started in the student life, motivation, time and self-management, learning plans, a study abroad, the right perspective, personal crisis situations, work-life balance, doubts about studying, too little challenge, or the upcoming third exam attempt - our mentors are there for all students.

But mentoring is not only there for you in difficult times. Mentors will also provide you with information such as scholarships and further education opportunities and will work with you to determine what funding is available to help you achieve your individual academic goals: Advice on scholarship programs, master's studies, career planning and more.

We work with you individually to develop realistic solutions to your personal concerns and help you master the challenges of studying.

How and with whom can an appointment be made?

You can easily make an appointment for a confidential consultation by phone, mail, or via the appointment tool. There, you select your faculty or subject group in the table below. From there, you will be forwarded to the contact details of the corresponding mentors. The mentors will usually be able to offer you an appointment within the next seven days.

What questions can students turn to the mentoring model for?

Mentoring is there to help you with any questions you may have about your studies. Not only study-related questions can be clarified. Mentoring can also help with personal, private, or social problems; study financing; and much more or find the right RWTH-internal or external counseling center for you.

Are students allowed to turn to mentoring if they are not among the main target groups?

Yes, since mentoring is open to all interested RWTH students.

Where do the counseling sessions take place?

The counselling sessions take place in the respective offices of the mentors. You will be informed of the exact location by your mentor. If necessary, the interview can also be conducted online and, for shorter concerns, by telephone or e-mail.

I study at the International Academy, can I also take part?

Unfortunately, no. Please check the International Academy website for more information about the mentoring program.

There are no mentors for my department, what can I do?

Unfortunately, mentoring is not available in every department. Depending on your concerns, please contact your departmental student advisor, student council, or other trusted counseling centers at RWTH Aachen University, such as the psychological counseling service, the AStA, the central student advisor, or the Equal Opportunity Office. You can find more counseling centers here.

Can students who have already had a mentoring conversation book another mentoring appointment?

Of course, students can attend counseling sessions as often as they want and need to.

Is there a fee?

No, the offer is completely free of charge for all students.